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Teaching & Support in Children's Learning Program

This program is dependent on the particular volunteer’s skills, interests and personal experiences. As a volunteer you can assist with the daily teachings, help prepare lectures for the teachers, organise activities that you feel would benefit the children, have your own classroom of children requiring extra attention, or you can even help to strengthen the local teachers’ ability by working with them .Educating our children is one of the main goals and priorities, though we consider education in a holistic manner that transcends the boundaries of the typical classroom. We welcome your ideas to help these children grow and become prepared for the world.

Vocational and Life Skills Training

Our main beneficiaries are the children, but we understand that their development depends on the entirety of their life, not just what happens at school. This includes their family, community and social structures. Therefore, this program aims to help improve the lives of all individuals in our program by facilitating vocational training and life skills projects, including ones relating to hands-on skills, crafts, and empowerment of women. Volunteers are required to help develop our communities by assisting in creating outreach materials and presenting important vocational and hands on skills to everyone in the community to benefit from. Such skills include: sewing, knitting, art and design skills, painting, catering, driving, mechanics, building, IT and computer training, bakery, making dyes, soap, hairdressing, and agriculture.

Teach Languages

Our project is located in the most touristic region of the country. We receive many tourists who come to see mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, relax at the very many volcanic lakes, and many other special tourist attractions. Languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German would be a great help to our staff.

Activity Development & Coordinator Program

We are looking for new suggestions and to incorporate one’s own experiences and skills to those involved. For this program, volunteers are encouraged to take initiative in developing new areas of interest and activities for both the community and children they become involved with.

Organic Farming and Mordern Agriculture

Our farms include: Bee apiary, piggery, rabbitry, horticulture, coffee and poultry, you will work on and or support smallholder farms, train new skills on pre and post-harvest handling, value addition, packaging, storage, good agronomic practises, improvised methods of farming and skills and how to boost produce and mitigate spoilage

Building and Construction

If you are builder or you have basic building and construction skills or you want to learn the Uganda building techniques, you are welcome to this program, Friends of Batwa International has a building program that builds basic housing units for the Batwa in rural Southwestern Uganda, you are welcome to support and participate in this building program, You can work as a professional builder, architect, engineer, planner, porter, or prepare meals for builders, or even just donate to the project. Other activities include designing house plans, site master plan, soil sampling,bricklaying, cementing and painting. We also need volunteers to make beds, chairs and other furniture.

Medical Outreaches and Medical Camps

For nurses, doctors or interns who would wish to make an impact in local communities in Africa, this is for you. We also need dentists, midwives and other medical personnel. We also extend first aid training in managing various accidents that happen deep in villages where there are no available health centres. These accidents include burns, drawing, falls, cuts, bites and knocks.

Sports Development and Training

You will be required to train children with a focus on aiding their holistic development. The sports program is designed to: Aid in the social, cognitive and emotional development of the children. Boost their physical health and well-being. Teach the children to communicate effectively, build leadership capacity, work well within a team and mutually respect their teammates, opponents and members of the opposite gender. Enhance the children's self-esteem and self-confidence as well as focus, memory and concentration.

Evangelism and Spiritual Growth

Volunteers under this program will participate in door to door evangelism and bible teaching, guidance counselling, reaffirmation, building faith, hospital ministry, preach in local churches, participate in children ministry at churches, organise open air crusades, mini crusades, small community crusades, special group crusades and so much more, this program is open for development and reshaping.

Tourism and Hospitality

We are looking for volunteers to help at our profit-for-charity tour company. Volunteers should have hospitality related skills, web design, social media management, SEO, marketing skills, Trip Advisor, blogging and other important tourism related information and skills. Our goal is to bring in as much tourism business as possible to generate income to support our charity projects locally. You can also work as an online volunteer to connect to clients, 25% of proceeds from our tourism business go to charity programs.

Charity Tours

Internet and Computer Work

Website design, social media management, graphics, filming, photography, video editing and YouTube content production.


You will teach sanitation and hygiene among the Batwa remote communities. This includes but is not limited to making compost pits, bath parties, washing parties, sharing about personal hygiene and dental care. Create access to clean water in remote communities by building wells, taps, and Rain water collecting tanks.